At Home With Caroline Ventura

On the lower west side of New York City, jeweller and artist Caroline Ventura has made a home, a studio, a gallery and a boutique out of one very unique space. Hannah-Rose Yee gets a tour

by | Mar 17, 2019 | Life

When you live in New York for long enough, you get used to two things. The first is the smell. New York has a very distinct scent, a sweetness that has over-ripened and turned sour, like a rotting peach. The second is space. You become immune to living on top of others, squished into subway carriages, squeezed onto banquettes at whatever restaurant opened that week, and piled into apartments that reach up to the sky.

Caroline Ventura had a dream. In 2011, After more than five years of living in the city, the founder of fine jewellery label BRVTVS and her husband, Michael, wanted space. They longed to carve out a nook where they might be able to live and work. They wanted to create a jewellery studio and painting room for Caroline, an office for Michael’s advertising agency and his 40 employees, and, maybe, when their work was done, somewhere they could switch off…

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Photography India Hartford Davis

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