Yes, You Really Do Need Another Hair Texturiser

It comes courtesy of one legendary hairstylist and one iconic supermodel

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Beauty

We know what you’re thinking; I need another hair texture spray like I need a hole in the head.

But we’ve got a name that might change your mind: Kate Moss. The supermodel was the inspiration for Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist, one of four styling products by legendary hairdresser Sam McKnight that just launched at Mecca.

“Isn’t Kate the ultimate cool girl?” asks McKnight. (Um, yes.) “ I had a variety of texturisers in my studio, and I was mixing them whilst working and trying to get the exact texture I wanted, but nothing was quite right for me.” The tightly edited collection are what McKnight calls his little black dress, core products he can take to work, whether it’s a shoot, fashion week (he’s been exclusively doing the Chanel shows for almost a decade) or styling a celebrity’s hair for the red carpet (hello, Gisele and Lady Gaga), and he could do the hair with just these four products.

Can’t decide which one is for you? “If you style your hair with heated tools, it would be Modern Hairspray, and if you’re attending an event or style your hair in an updo, it would have to be Easy Up Do,” he suggests. “Cool Girl can do a bit of everything and she doesn’t have to work hard, so if you really can’t decide start with the pink.”

Cool Girl’s lightweight mist makes achieving McKnight’s signature done-undone look a breeze, and leaves the hair with an on-trend matte sheen. But don’t get too comfortable, as McKnight predicts the return of the blow-dry. “There’s definitely more polish coming into hair texture it’s healthier and the ends are smooth,” he says. Good thing, then, that McKnight has also launched Lazy Girl, a subtly scented dry shampoo that helps extends the life of your blowie.


Photography Pablo Martin
Art Direction Badlands Studio

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