Body Talk


An exploration of form & figure


Two Piece, Fella Swim

How does a body come to speak? How can our form and figure communicate messages about self, other and situation? How can affect, gender and femininity be heard in our gestures; captured in a photograph?

Body language can never be transcribed, yet if we listen closely with our eyes, our fingers, our mouths the delicacy of the unspeakable might be heard.

Inspired by the intricate complexities of femininity, explored at the space where the controlled meets the uncontrollable; a soft body on hard concrete surrounded by the sea speaks in shapes and symbols.

How can our bodies become the page, the billboard, the book on which we write and read our stories, how do we tell them?

How does your body talk? Let me hear your body talk.

Two Piece, Matteau

One Piece, Bec + Bridge

Two Piece, Matteau

Two Piece, Triangl

Two Piece, SIR

Top, Bec + Bridge;
Briefs, Matteau



Two Piece, Fella


Photography Leif Prenzlau
Styling Freddie Fredericks
Hair & Makeup Jasmine Abdallaoui
Model Manahou Mackay
Words Matilda Dods