Two Days In Austria

A Summer escape to Hotel Post, Bezau

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Life

Arriving into Austria is like something out of a picture book. Rolling hills, sweeping valleys, countless trees, and in Summer, resplendent greenery. During our recent escape to Europe, we were incredibly lucky to get to experience this Sound of Music-esque splendour for ourselves, during a two day stay at Hotel Post in Bezau.

After a seamless check in, we were able to take it all in from the balcony of our room, overlooking the beautiful valley of Bezau. I could have easily sat out here all evening, wine in hand, admiring that view. With mountains that look like they’re painted on, and that bright green-meets-blue of nature at its purest, I’m happily at home.

But the incredibly cosy lobby bar is calling my name, and with a selection of flavoured waters and Susanne Kaufmann teas available all day, I’m ready to ease into holiday mode. I aptly opt for detox tea, because while we have a delightful three-course meal ahead of us, this is a health and wellness retreat (if you want it to be!), where you can also opt for lighter, detox meals and daily exercise. We’re taking the 50/50 approach (all the food + moderate exercise) as I like to treat myself while travelling, and I need to try those Austrian pastries.

After tea, I make my way to the famed Susanne Kaufmann spa, where I’m being treated to a head massage. There is nothing better than a massage after a long haul flight (seriously!), and when combined with beautiful oils and the calming setting of the spa, I’m so relaxed it could easily be bed time. But dinner awaits, and it doesn’t disappoint. We opt for the vegetarian menu which includes a DIY salad bar, a soup, entree, main and dessert. The pasta served with chanterelle mushrooms is our favourite, and the peanut chocolate dessert is a taste of the wonderful sweets to come.

The following morning, we decide to be early risers and head down to breakfast before our 9am Qi Gong (gentle exercise combining movement, breathing and meditation, similar to Tai Chi) class. Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of hotel breakfast, and I take it all very seriously (breakfast strategy is a thing!), so I was really looking forward to this.

The buffet features cold meats and cheeses alongside breads, pastries, yogurt, cereals, fruits and juices. Definitely enough to get creative with, and the selection of preserves was overwhelmingly good. There is also the option of an ordered breakfast in addition (eggs, the daily special, porridge or chia pudding) to accompany your meal. We try the kitchen special, scrambled eggs with chanterelles, and it’s delicious.

After breakfast, it’s time to start the day, and we’re off to meet a representative from Susanne Kaufmann to learn everything there is to know about the brand. We love a story with a bit of history, and Susanne’s is exactly that. In fact, the hotel was owned by her great-great-grandfather and has remained family-run – it’s here that Susanne first started developing her eponymous natural beauty brand.

Our next move is to head to the factory, about a 10 minute drive away from the hotel. It’s here you really get a sense of the love that goes into each and every product. Everything is hand finished and crafted from local, organic ingredients adhering to strict eco principles, and tested by family and friends.

After our tour, it’s back to the hotel for lunch before we depart for an afternoon bike ride through the mountains. This is every bit as scenic as it sounds, and at this point I’m considering relocating to Europe. Truth be told, it’s hard to picture the lush fields and mountainsides covered in snow! Summer makes for the perfect opportunity to stop along the way, whether it’s for a drink at a little village, or to dip your toes in the water.

At this point, we couldn’t want for much more, but the spa is calling my name, and I’m headed back for a rejuvenating facial. This involves one of the best facial massages I have had to date, and a light peel followed by a series of their new ampoules set to safeguard against environmental factors and oxidative stress.

Following a relaxing break, book in hand, by their salt pool, and a gentle yoga class, It’s time to enjoy yet another lovely meal in their restaurant before retiring for the evening. The following morning may be time for our departure, but we sleep easy knowing that hopefully one day we’ll be back. Thank you for having us Hotel Post!


Photography by Rohan Peterson

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