Home of the Gods

Jacket, Pants and Boots, Bally
Earrings, worn throughout, model’s own


Blazer and Shorts, Camilla and Marc
Belt Bag, Oroton
Necklace, Reliquia

In the Ancient World, Aphrodite, Artemis and Hera wooed with their supernatural attributes and beauty. Inarguably, we are surrounded by a flurry of goddesses today too – albeit the earth-dwelling version. She radiates an alluring charm, drawing us in with her natural energy. She’s powerful and full of grace. There’s a sliver of goddess lying within each of us just waiting for her outlet. As superficial as it might sound, a daring look acts as the key to unlocking this potential sitting deep within. Play with volume, invest in structured silhouettes, and never shy away from a fresh print. Ooze confidence and let the dormant beauty enjoy her moment in the spotlight.

Jacket and Pants, Nanushka
Sunglasses, Dior

Dress, Socks and Shoes, Prada
Bag, Bally

Dress, Dior
Pants, Bally
Shoes, Fendi
Necklace (worn around wrist), Reliquia

Jacket and Pants, Nanushka
Sunglasses, Dior

Dress and Belt, Louis Vuitton

Dress, Aje Boots, Tory Burch


Photography Daniel Nadel @ DLM
Styling Josie McManus
Makeup Aimie Fiebig
Hair Pauline Prechonnet
Model Olympia Christou at Kult
Casting Marina Fairfax Fashion Consultancy
Words Hannah Cole