Style Spotlight:

Neada Jane Deters


This Australian creative’s Instagram page is a firm Badlands Journal favourite for its minimalist fashion and interiors inspo. Hannah-Rose Yee takes a peek inside Neada Jane Deters’ wardrobe.

Sydney native Neada Jane Deters spent a few years in New York before making her way back to the beach, Venice Beach, that is, where her style is all about sophisticated separates and relaxed silhouettes.

“People started mentioning how much white I wear, so I did a tally in my wardrobe the other day and half of it is white,” Deters says. On the day Badlands Journal meets her at her recently renovated Venice Beach home – with a stop at nearby favourite Salt & Straw for ice cream – she’s clad in not one but two white outfits: a dress from New York brand Lorod and a pair of white Levi’s with a vintage silk top.

“I’ve been naturally drawn to it the past few years as an alternative to my years of wearing black in New York,” she says. “White is so clean and energising. It feels effortless – unless I’m eating a bowl of pasta. Fortunately, I have a great dry cleaner down the road.”

Deters’ love of white fits seamlessly into her style mantra of “feel-good minimalism”. The Los Angeles-based founder of consulting group The Fold Creative and Lesse, a line of beauty essentials, says her style has slowly and subtly relaxed since she moved to California. “I tend to reach for fabrics, not colour,” she says. “It’s all vintage denim, silk, linen and cotton”, largely in a palette of soft greys and various shades of white, from clotted cream to marshmallow.

Starting work on her businesses at seven in the morning means that Deters likes the process of getting dressed to be “effortless”. Her uniform would be a pair of vintage Levi’s – white, naturally – with a “perfect vintage white tee” from Re/done and a pair of python boots from Brother Vellies. Her style influences run the gamut from ’90s minimalist icons like Calvin Klein to French New Wave cinema and her mum and aunt. “Some of the pieces in highest rotation in my wardrobe are passed down from them,” she says.

Taking stock of her closet, some of her favourite pieces are those Levi’s – “It takes years to find the fit, so I wear my pairs to death,” Deters says – and two patent leather skirts from Courrèges and Rodarte. “That’s what I wear when I’m going out and want to have fun,” she says. Oh, and her everyday handbag from The Row and a men’s shirt from the late 19th century, which she picked up from Desert Vintage in Tucson, Arizona. “I wear it as a tunic over jeans or as a beach dress,” she says. “It’s just beautiful.” And you know what? Both those pieces are white. Of course.

Neada’s Favourite…

Interiors store: 1st Dibs and eBay! My current saved items include designs from Mies van Der Rohe, Milo Baughman, Borge Morgensen, and Eileen Gray.

Vintage store:  Desert Vintage. It is the most beautifully curated vintage store of all time.

Day out:  A combination of art and nature is the perfect day out, for me.

Brunch: Gjusta, or homemade green bowls in our garden.

Beach:  Tamarama or Tallows, nothing quite compares to Australian beaches.

Restaurants:  MTN in Los Angeles, I Sodi in New York, 10 William in Sydney.

Night time ritual: I love to take my time in the evenings. I wash my face with our LESSE Essential Cleanser, then I lightly dry and rub an ice cube in circular motions across my face and neck. I then spritz on a hydrating toner, which is currently a formulation we have in development (so excited about this one!), and finish my skin care ritual with our Ritual Serum. I put a little extra on at night, as our skin heals best at night and hydration is such an imperative aspect of clear and healthy skin. In bed, I read a little and talk through ideas and plans with my partner until we both fall asleep.


Photography Emari Traffie
Assistant Dakota Lynne
Words Hannah-Rose Yee