A Beauty Moment With Chanel Le Vernis And Holly Ryan

Feeling Festive with Chanel’s Holiday 2018 Beauty Collection

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Beauty

Last week, we were very lucky to experience a manicure at the hands of Jocelyn Petroni using Chanel’s new Le Vernis shades for Holiday 2018. Along with INPRINT Magazine and friend and jewellery designer, Holly Ryan, we experienced Flamboyance and Opulence for ourselves, just in time for the festive season.

INPRINT took five with Holly to ask her a few questions…

INPRINT: Do you have any advice for coordinating your nail colour to your jewellery? 
Holly Ryan: Classic red like this new Chanel Flamboyance shade is absolutely perfect with pearls. There is nothing more timeless. I always feel like less is more but in this case I am proven wrong, more is definitely more.

IAs someone who works with her hands how do you like to look after your nails? 
HR: I keep them short so that I don’t break them when I am making jewellery or sculpting. I use cuticle oil to keep the nail bed strong and nourished. Hand cream is a must after a long day in the studio working with raw materials such as stone or metal dust which always dry my hands out.

I: What are your thoughts on the new festive colours by Chanel? 
HR: I’m obsessed with the new Flamboyance red, it’s timeless yet modern due to the way light hits it and makes it sparkle. I was very surprised by the Opulence shade which appears bronze at first but on different angles picks up different colours such as purples and browns which beautifully highlights the diamond in my Una Estrella ring, the sapphires in my Wabi Sabi rings as well as working nicely with the black Spinel in my Unconditional ring.


Photography Daniele Goode
Creative Direction INPRINT magazine
Talent Holly Ryan
Manicure Jocelyn Petroni for CHANEL

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