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We’re finally feeling the chilly effects of winter, so it’s time to start dressing like it

by | Aug 28, 2018 | Style

Ever since sneakers broke free from the gym and became a fixture on the feet of fashion’s elite, it became clear that women were ready for footwear built for the real world.

And while the sporty shoe continues to champion the fact that practicality and high style needn’t be mutually exclusive, it’s picked up some equally chic-yet-wearable friends along the way.

Take the humble trench coat, which has transformed from wet-weather staple to outfit-maker thanks to a recent abundance of ultra-elegant renditions. Or a cosy Fair Isle sweater that feels right now rather than nostalgic when used to counterbalance a sheer skirt.

Even once-derided cargo pants are worth reconsidering—just trade khaki for navy blue and think about all the hands-free ease you’ll enjoy thanks to those practical pockets.

When it comes to texture, forget fussy feathers or finicky sequins, sturdy corduroy can tackle anything the day might throw your way. Bring it on.

Jacket, Lacoste; Earrings & Necklace, Alix Yang

Left: Shirt, Xirena; Pants, Lacoste; Necklace, Alix Yang
Right: Jumper, Maje; Pants, Sandro; Earrings, Alix Yang

Left: Shirt, Xirena; Pants, Lacoste; Necklace, Alix Yang

Jacket & Pants, Lacoste; Earrings & Necklace, Alix Yang

Jumper, Maje; Shirt, H&M shirt, Earrings, Alix Yang

Jacket, Lacoste; Earrings, Alix Yang


Photography Brogan Chidley
Styling Karli Butson
Hair & Makeup Rosie Neyle
Model Monica Tomas

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