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Go with the flow and take inspiration from the ocean

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Style

The beach has always been a place of strength, so why not consider beach dressing outside the realm of relaxation it’s usually placed within? Instead of associating it with softness, shift gears to view it as a portal to power – transforming not only our point of view, but also our approach to our fashion.

With silhouettes often languid and fluid like the ocean itself, the air they’re worn with should be bold. Add a touches of edge by with a thick chain necklace, or a strong, frilled cuff accentuating a long-sleeve blouse. The uncomplicated joy of being by the beach is often a natural state for Australians – The same should go for our approach to dressing, especially as we approach colder months where clothes start to be layered more and more. Taking cues from the sea can be therapeutic for our mindsets and our wardrobes – we just need to pay attention.

Top, Zulu & Zephyr; Corset Top, Yoli & Otis; Trousers, Sass & Bide

Wrap Dress, Zulu & Zephyr; Necklace, Givenchy

Bra, Bimby + Roy; Trousers, Rue Stiic; Earrings & Necklace, Flash Jewellery

Left: Swimsuit (worn layered) and Blouse, Zulu & Zephyr; Trousers, Rue Stiic; Earrings, Flash Jewellery. Right: Shirt, Zulu & Zephyr, Trousers, Rue Stiic; Necklace, Givenchy; Loafers, Topshop

Swimsuit (worn as top), Rue Stiic; Cream and white skirt, Zulu & Zephyr; Necklace, Givenchy; Ring, F & H Jewellery

Top, Sass & Bide; Earrings, Elodie; Necklace, Flash Jewellery; Sunglasses, Velvet Canyon

Top, Sir the Label; Trousers, Rue Stiic; Gold necklace, Givenchy; Sandals, St Agni

Blouse & Skirt, Sass & Bide; Necklace, Givenchy

Top, Sass & Bide; Necklace, Givenchy


Photography Wade Edwards
Styling & Art Direction Leigh Williams
Hair & Makeup Amanda Reardon
Model Evelina Milward @ Priscillas

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