2018 Workwear: Powerful in Plaid

An old classic gets the remix treatment this season & we’ve never been more thankful

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Style

It’s like the bad boyfriend we all had growing up in High School, always leaving us only to come crawling back. That’s right, plaid is back, but you haven’t seen it like this.

While you’re probably familiar with the faithful plaid suit – an effortless classic – in 2018, it’s all about the remix. This year, expect the cool girls in the office to be wearing plaid with clashing prints and juxtaposing silhouettes. Sure, some shapes are reminiscent of those 80s ones we’re so familiar with – think cropped jackets, tailored, high-waist pants and shoulders, all the shoulders. But others are long and languid, bringing new imagination to a print we thought we knew.

But it doesn’t end there, we also need to be rethinking how we pair our plaid. Rather than plaid on plaid, think about playing around with different textures and patterns. Mix ‘n’ match, but for your workwear: a leather skirt with a plaid jacket over a blue shirt, velvet with pinstripe, layers upon layers – the rulebook hasn’t just been thrown out, it’s been torn apart & thrown in the bonfire.

Finish off the look with a bold statement earring for a looks that’s all power. There’s never been a better time to be dressing for work – what we used to think of as rigid and uniform, now is an excuse to have fun.

Blazer, Sarah Hope Schofield; Turtleneck & Shirt, Balmain from Grace Melbourne; Skirt, Maje; Hat, Sixty Six; Eyewear, Oscar Wylee; Earrings & Rings, Dinosaur Designs; Booties, Tony Bianco

Blazer, Balmain from Grace Melbourne; Shirt, Peter Petrov from Grace Melbourne; Tank, Uniqlo; Jewellery; Dinosaur Designs

Left: Jacket & Bag, Abhaya Aullen Mistry; Shirt, Bul; Tank, Uniqlo; Jeans, Sandro; Booties, Tony Bianco; Earring & Rings, Dinosaur Designs
Right: Jacket, Sandro; Shirt, Maje; Tank, Uniqlo; Trousers, Abhaya Aullen Mistry; Booties, Windsor Smith; Gloves, COS; Earrings, Linden Cook

Blazer & Pants; Maje; Shirt, Viktoria & Woods; Tank, Uniqlo; Booties, Tony Bianco; Bag, Sandro; Belt, Asos; Earrings, Linden Cook; Necklace, Bangles & Rings, Dinosaur Designs; Chair from Castorina & Co

Blazer, Sandro; Shirt, Viktoria and Woods; Tank, Uniqlo; Trousers & Belt, Maje; Clutch, Proenza Schouler from Grace Melbourne; Earrings & Rings, Dinosaur Designs

Left: Suit, Eva Robinson; Shirt, Supa Studios; Tank, Uniqlo; Booties, Tony Bianco; Earrings, Dinosaur Designs
Right: Blazer & Shirt, Viktoria and Woods; Vest, Alexander Wang from Grace Melbourne; Tank, Uniqlo; Leather Skort, 3.1 Philip Lim from Grace Melbourne; Booties, Windsor Smith; Earrings, Dinosaur Designs

Leather Jacket, Maje; Jumpsuit, Bul; Tank, Uniqlo; Booties, Tony Bianco; Bag, Naked Vice; Belt, Zara;
Earrings & Rings, Dinosaur Designs; Eyewear, Oscar Wylee; Chair from Capocchi Collingwood

Blazer, Shirt and Belt, Sandro; Tank, Uniqlo; Trousers, Eva Robinson; Booties, Windsor Smith; Bag, MajeHat, 66 The Label, Earrings, Linden Cook; Belt Clip, Asos; Ties, Topshop


Photography Michelle Tran at Hart & Co.
Styling Sophie Barker at Vivien’s Creative
Styling Assistant Huw Ward
Hair & Makeup Julie Provis at Hart & Co.
Set Design Marni Kornhauser
Models Adau Mornyang @ Chadwick Models
Leeny Ivanisvili @ Vivien’s Models

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