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The glow is good for you

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Beauty

As we approach the halfway point of summer, it’s less about getting ready to say goodbye, and more about distorting reality to make us feel like it’s Summer all year round. An easy way of doing that? Glow-up.

Thanks to the likes of Rihanna, matte is getting kicked to the curb and everyone is beginning to embrace the dewy, shiny look that makes your skin – and personality – beam. The Spring/Summer ‘18 runways confirmed that designers well and truly have the glitter bug. But not the 2000s Paris Hilton kind, we’re talking Studio 54 era Bianca Jagger and Jerry Hall, the kind that walks into the room and has everyone’s eyes for all the right reasons. Effortless glamour.

There’s only one shine that can provide the perfect balance of subtle shimmer and megawatt glitter – metallic. Silvers, golds and chromes that say “drama, but then make it fashion.”

Luckily for us, it’s a trend that is simple to replicate at home. You only need a touch of metallic at the corner of the eye, as a thin liner, or covering the entire eyelid itself to completely brighten up the face and transform a look. It’s understated elegance because you don’t need to add much more other than a good foundation and strong eyebrows to complete the look and have yourself being the belle of the ball all night long.

We recommend going with Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow or Mehron Metallic Powder to get you started and have you turning heads at every party (pool or otherwise) you grace.

Dress, Anna Quan; Earrings, Surō

Blouse, Matin; Rings, Surō

Blouse, Matin; Rings, Surō; Earrings, Surō

Earrings, Surō

Bikini Top, Matteau; Rings, Surō; Earrings, Surō

Bikini, Lonely; Necklace, Surō

Cami, Michael Lo Sordo; Earrings, Surō

Swimsuit, Palm; Earrings, Valet Studio


Photography Hannah Roche
Styling Talisa Sutton
Styling Assistant Jessica Rolfe
Hair & Makeup Kristin Brett
Model Kelsey @ Kult

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