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Unpolished? Rebellious? Don’t worry, we’ve got your hair personality covered

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Beauty

There’s nothing like a good hair day, but the reality is it isn’t always easy to achieve. From dull, to oily, dry, flat or unruly, everyone has a unique hair personality that means there won’t be a one-fits-all solution when it comes to taming those locks.

The good news? System Professional have crafted their very own Hair Personality Test, so you can decode your hair type and find the products best suited to your needs, providing your own made-to-measure EnergyCode™ System. In my case, an often rebellious mop (I love my thick hair, but still, sometimes it can be a lot to manage!) calls for smoothing and shaping to get it looking like the French-girl hair of my dreams.
My hair personality: CAPTURING + POWERFUL + NOBLE + BOUNCY

One of things I love even more about their approach, are the care-infused styling products. I always used to think it was just your shampoo, conditioner and mask that did all the work, but the System Professional Blue Shaper Blowdry Hydro Gel proved me wrong. Infused with hydrating moisturisers, it protects hair during heat styling while giving moderate definition for my desired control and bounce. Win, win!

The System Professional Color Save Mask has been another lifesaver, as it’s been quite a while for me between colours! While mine is now mostly natural, the ends tend to lighten up quickly in Summer, and I’m all about preserving my shade and tone between salon visits. Anything that helps strengthen my hair and prevent damage caused by breakage and styling is also a must-have for me when it comes to hair care.

Curious about re-assessing your own routine? System Professional are all about tailoring a personalised care system to suit your unique hair type using one easy tool – EnergyCode™ mapping (science-meets-performance to make way for your best hair possible).

Jump online to take the test for yourself, and say hello to some new products that could make a very big change to your hair. Find your made-to-measure System here, or find a salon near you.


Photography Hannah Roche & Rohan Peterson
Created in collaboration with System Professional

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