Stay Cool

We’re finally feeling the chilly effects of winter, so it’s time to start dressing like it

by | May 9, 2018 | Style

Thanks to global warming, it’s the beginning of May and here in Australia we’re only just starting to feel the chill. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting for the cold snap to happen, having spent the past two months or so looking longingly at all my jackets, dresses and pants that are have been too heavy to wear until now.

Whether it’s autumnal florals, deep brown velvety textures or plaid suits, we have a plethora of choice to satiate your style appetite. One of the benefits of the unusually warmer weather at this time of year means we can play around with lighter dresses such as sheer silk, coupled with heavy doc martens and a leather jacket. Keep your beauty minimal, maintaining moisturised dewy complexions should be the focus as we shift gears and enter windy season. Above all, stay cool (and warm).

Blazer & Trousers, Wynn Hamlyn; Boots, Dr. Martens

Left: Dress, Zimmermann. Right: Sweater, The Ron; Trousers, Max Mara

Blazer & Trousers, Georgia Alice

Dress, Zimmermann; Boots, R.M. Williams

Left: Sweater, The Ron; Trousers, Max Mara; Boots, Dr. Martens. Right: Dress, Trelise Cooper; Boots, Dr. Martens.

Sweater, The Ron; Cardigan, Coat & Trousers Max Mara


Photography Melinda Cartmer
Styling Jessica Rolfe
Hair & Makeup Jo Luhrs @ Lion
Model Kseniya Piatsevich @ Chic

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