This Decor Collab Is Perfect for Updating Your Space

One for you, one for me

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Life

This month, as we take on the role of your own personal shoppers helping you navigate the gift-giving season, what better way to celebrate the beginning of summer (or at least daydream about, for those of you currently not in double-digit degrees), than with the ultimate summer print.

When it comes to fashion and interiors we like to live by a ‘less is more’ approach. So, when we found out that one of our favourite Aussie florists, MyFlowerMan, was collaborating with Sydney-based photographer Laura Goodall, we were first in line for the launch.

When two creative minds come together, something exciting is bound to happen, and we too can be in on the magic. MyFlowerMan X Laura Goodall is a limited edition photographic series of 10 black and white floral prints featuring a range of Australian, African, Asian and European flowers. The range is simple and elegant, effortlessly capturing the organic quality of the natural world.

Our favourite? The Magnolia print – a perfect addition for the modern home that we may just have to treat ourselves to.


Photography  Laura Goodall

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