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Why We Love Glossier

Drumroll please…

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Beauty

The pink bubble wrap packaging! Those novelty stickers! But seriously… They know how to treat a girl.

Full disclaimer, Glossier is not yet available in Australia, but isn’t that what makes it all the more desirable? My most recent trip to New York marked my first visit to the Glossier flagship showroom, a unique shopping experience in the heart of SoHo. With their pink and white colour scheme, spot on branding, and that it factor we’re always chasing when it comes to the next big thing in beauty, it’s almost a guarantee you won’t be leaving empty handed.

I stocked up on the classics (Boy Brow and Stretch Concealer – so much yes), but while I was in town Glossier also launched their Body Hero campaign, to celebrate the release of their body wash and lotion. Apart from the fact that, based on the package alone, I wanted the duo immediately, it’s their natural and diverse approach to marketing that really struck me, particularly in a world often filled with heavy retouching and post-production. The Body Hero billboards featured real women, going nude, in an act that demonstrates self acceptance and love, regardless of body type, size or race (who run the world? girls!).
Have a quick read of the Instagrams posted by talent surrounding the launch: Lara Pia ArrobioMekdes Mersha, Swin Cash Canal, Ty Haney and Paloma Eslesser, and you’ll have a clear idea of the driving force that is Glossier – bringing these incredible women together, and inspiring them to share their stories (and their bodies), with the public.

It may be a little while before they’re shipping to our shores, but I for one will be saving up for my next splurge in their very millennial pink concept space. Any fellow Boy Brow devotees out there?

Body Hero Duo, Glossier


Photography Pablo Martin

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